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Effortlessly deploy, manage, and audit your smart contracts with Contract Registry's human-readable design and comprehensive management tools.

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Take control of your smart contract development lifecycle with Contract Registry . Our intuitive platform streamlines the entire process, from development to deployment to management, so you can focus on what matters most - building innovative solutions.

Git Branch-Based Synchronization


Managing frontend integrations for smart contracts can be a daunting and sometimes dangerous task, but with Contract Registry, it's a breeze. Our git branch-based deploys provide automatic or fine-grained control over frontend interface updates connected to your smart contracts. This enables you to effortlessly make changes and updates to your smart contract integrations without dealing with intricate deployment processes. Map branches to different networks for enhanced control and insight, keeping your engineering teams in sync across projects. Maintain full control of your smart contract integrations and streamline your development process with Contract Registry.

Human-Readable Smart Contract Design Framework


Our Human-Readable Smart Contract Design Framework saves enterprises and developers valuable time and resources by simplifying the process of building intuitive interfaces for end users. With our framework, you can easily generate React-based interfaces that can be embedded in web and mobile applications without spending hours writing code. The average savings in developer time can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Contract Audits


Contract Audits ensure the safety and quality of smart contracts. Our auditing service provides a rigorous analysis of code to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. All auditors in our service catalog are certified professionals who follow industry-standard best practices to deliver high-quality audit reports. Our audit request process is simple and easy to use, allowing users and developers to request an audit of their smart contract with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive Contract Management


Contract Registry simplifies contract management for developers, making it effortless to track contract addresses for each version on every network. Our platform provides a seamless frontend and backend developer experience, with quick functions that automate important admin actions. Additionally, our comprehensive activity log allows you to track which actions have been taken, ensuring compliance and making it easy to stay on top of your contracts.

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